Our Services Include:
E-Rate Complete
Your E-Rate Administrative Team
 Our E-Rate Services Include:
Ensure compliance with the SLD requirements including CIPA
Prepare and submit your Form 470-Description of Services Requested
Assist with the discount percentage calculation
Prepare and submit your Form 471-Services Ordered
Assist with bid memorialization
Ensure all forms are submitted timely and certified within deadlines
Monitor the status of your application and send notifications and updates
Review RAL (Receipt Acknowledgement Letter) for accuracy and submit corrections to the SLD as necessary
Work with members of the Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Team to ensure accurate responses are made within their deadline
Review Funding Commitment Decision Letters (FCDL) for accuracy and file Appeals as necessary after consultation with the        applicant
Prepare the Form 486 and work with your service providers to set up discounted billing or reimbursements
Review monthly bills for all E-Rate services
Furnish applicant with a spreadsheet for each FRN detailing how your E-Rate dollars have been utilized
Prepare Form 472 on a regular basis for reimbursements
Prepare Form 500 as necessary
Prepare Appeal letters, SPIN change requests, service substitution requests, etc. as needed

 Let E-Rate Complete be your E-Rate Administrative Solution
 Erin Berkenpas Johnson